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Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

GAS_OIL_PLANTUltra Low Sulfur is a term used to describe a standard for defining diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur contents. As of 2006 , almost all the of the petroleum.based diesel fuel available in Europe and North America is of a ULSD type.

Gasoil D2/LS GOST 305 - 82
Copia_di_OffshoreVelaLow Sulfur Gasoil acc to Gost 305.82 Origin. Russia. D2 is a broker terminology born of a Distillate Fuel,Gas Oil Diesel. Specifically,the Russian standard GOST 305.82,wich is Ultra Low Sulfur with maximum sulphur content of 0.02 percent.Just 10 years ago low sulphur was less than 4%.D2 or GASOIL is traded on the besis of a Metric Ton.7.3 Barrels equates to One Metric Ton and so does 304 gallons.These figures are set by the oil comapnies,since the formula will vary with temperature and the weather (preasure)

Jet Fuel A - Jet A1 - JP54 - Kerosene
Jet Fuel is atype of aviation fuel designed for used in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines.It is clear to straw colored in appareance.The most commoly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A1 wich are produced to standardised international Specification. The only other jet fuel commoly used in civilian turbine powered aviation is Jet B wich is used for its enhance cold-weather performance.- Kerosene : Fuel Oil:Flash point generally between 100 and 150 degrees F. Kerosene consist mostly of C9 through C17 hydrocarbons.

Mazut Black Fuel Oil ( Origin.Russia Gost 10585-75 OR 99 )

Mazut is heavy,low quality fuel oil used in generating plants and similar applications In the United State and Western Europe Mazut is blended or broken down with the end product being diesel. Mazut may be used for heating houses in the former USSR and in countries of Far East that do no have the facilities to blend or break it down into more traditional petro-chemicals.In the west,furnaces that burn Mazut are commonly called"wated oil" heaters or "waste oil" furnaces. Mazut - 100 is a fuel that is manufactured to GOST specifications,for example GOST 10585-75 or 99.GOST is the Russian System of standars much like ASTM,for example. - Mazut is almost exclusively manufactured in the Russian Federation - Kazakhstan - Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

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